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PowerBroker® Unlimited
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  The Unlimited Propose to Close® Commercial Real Estate Solution.
  REI Wise PowerBroker® is the most comprehensive and economic software solution for commercial real estate professionals. In a single and easy-to-use software, PowerBroker® seamlessly integrates concise financial analysis with professional reports, online publications, and transactional tools. Use the software for each and every commercial opportunity that arises.
  PowerBroker® calculates a full financial report that populates into every feature of the software: marketing documents, branded websites, secure deal rooms, and more. PowerBroker® does what no other system does: it eliminates copy and paste, it eliminates exporting and importing, and it eliminates multiple programs.
  No other system offers so much for so little a price.
  Your Individual PowerBroker® Subscription Includes
Investment Analysis
  • Flexible Rent Roll
  • Time Value Calculations
  • Standard Calculations
  • Analysis Tools Suite
Leasing Analysis
  • Owner and Tenant Rep
  • TI and Credit Allocation
  • Expense Cash Flow and Projected Pass Throughs
Marketing Tools
  • Property Websites and Teasers
  • Electronic Publications
  • Flyers
  • Free Listing Service
Transaction Platform
  • Lead Generation
  • Document Centers
  • Secure Virtual Deal Rooms
  • Automatic Notification
Free Updates
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Latest and Greatest
  • New Presentations
  • New Tools
Cloud Based
  • Never Lose Your Data
  • One Streamlined Program
  • No Spreadsheets
  • Use Anywhere with Internet