PowerBroker® Deal of the Month
Name: Adam P. Von Romer, CCIM
Title: Senior Investment Associate
Company: Fitzgerald Group
Value: $5,600,000
Type: Investment
RSF: 9,000 +/-
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Property: NNN Restaurant

Congratulations to Adam on acquiring the deal of the month. The subject Property is a 9,000 square foot, NNN Restaurant located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. While for various reasons it took over a year to close, the ultimate buyer was one of the first responders...if not the actual first prospect to raise his hand.

"What made the deal happen was our ability to use REI wise to quickly create a marketing proposal for the Seller. A seller who insisted at our initial meeting was "absolutely" not going to list the property the professional presentation enabled us to overcome his hesitancy.

We got 11 contracts...not offers contract! By being able to take that initial proposal and turn it into a email-able brochure we reached out to hundreds of prospective buyers within hours of listing the property."